Introducing Squid Pool [SQUID]

Hi everyone!
I’m Shawn McMurdo and I created Squid Pool. I have been a software developer for over 25 years and have worked in FinTech and been involved in blockchain projects since 2015. I have been an ADA holder since 2017 and have been working on Squid Pool since before the Incentived Testnet began in Fall 2019.

Ticker        SQUID
Pledge        101k ADA (Increasing soon!)
Fixed Fee     Minumum (340)
Variable Fee  0.8% (Very low!)


Check out for current info, helpful resources including a Cardano Glossary of Terms, and sign up for Squid Pool News email updates.


Twitter       @squid_pool and @shawn_mcmurdo
Telegram      @shawnim

Pool ID       cb11e3e5013a120ee55e8d99bdb7395366bd3164d3da1737300a2b7e

Location      Santa Cruz, California, USA

Pool infrastructure

Squid Pool is deployed on Amazon infrastructure with custom built monitoring for superior reliabiliity and performance. We have 6 nodes running on 2 servers with easy failover. Servers have up to 25Gbps internet connection.

Why Squid Pool?

I believe in the vision and philosophy of Cardano and work to make it a reality. I have been a longtime community member who is always looking for ways to improve Squid Pool and the Cardano ecosystem. As part of the ITN from day 1, Squid Pool has a proven record of superior reliability and performance. You can get information and monitor pool status at There you can also sign up for periodic email updates. I am here to stay and look forward to adding new services to Squid Pool as they become available on the Cardano network. Best of all, you get a high quality stake pool at the very low rate of 0.8%.

Delegate your ADA to Squid Pool!

For more information visit or email me at

Thanks for reading and special thanks to all of our delegators!

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Here is my Stake Pool Operator introduction video for Squid Pool.

Check it out and stake SQUID!
Located in Santa Cruz, California, USA.
Serving the world!

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For Yoroi users the pool id is: