Introducing KAYA Singapore pool [KAYA]

Hallo Cardano Community,
Let us introduce our stake pool. We are 3 IT professionals working in Singapore with extensive IT experience in Networking, Dev Ops, and Software Engineering.

After holding ADA for 3 years, we decided to create a pool to participate in Cardano Decentralisation. We aim to help community from the pool earning by donating through A reliable donation platform supported by goverment. Supporting our pool will support to community as well.

Our pool go live in late May and we managed to get the first block in late June (ePoch 275). From the first minted block we have donated SG$100 to Red Cross to help asia pacific country impacted heaviy by COVID-19. Supporting our pool will support community at large.

KAYA Pool:

  • Ticker: KAYA

  • Pledge: 60K ADA

  • Fixed Fee: 340 ADA

  • Variable Fee: 0%

  • Pool ID: pool1vfayajkdc0gw876lax5va6ygpfpsd8kz73k4y977emm3clnxlm5

  • Website: Kaya Singapore

  • Pool infrastructure: 3 VPS on 3 different geo-locations (Singapore, US, Germany)
    KAYA pool are setup with 3 Relays in 3 different geo-locations. We have invested reliable infrastructure from beginning. It is high availability setup, tested, make sure it is secure. Yes, security is in our mind from beginning with the best practice network setup.

  • Operator Experience: 3 experience Engineer from 3 different technical background,Networking, Dev Ops, and Software Engineering. We are committed to run this pool as a way to hold ADA for long term. Our team have involve deep in Blockchain. We also taking part in the Plutus Pioneer Program and Register to the Cardana Developer Program. We have long term committment and aim to create something useful in the future from our Software Engineering expertise.

Kaya pool is proud to be a member of Single Pool Alliance to support True Decentralisation for Cardano Blockchain.