Introducing [WISH] Pool

Hello Cardano Holders!

Introducing WISH Pool.

I have been a long term Cardano holder since 2017 ever since I watched this inspiring video from Charles Hoskinson about the plans for Cardano. I believed in the project, invested, and kept my ADA through the tumultuous years when price dipped dramatically. Little did I know that a few years later, I will be part of the Cardano ecosystem as a stake pool operator.

We were up after weeks of testing but I only got the time to write a pool introduction now. I knew there will be a lot of demand on my time both technically and marketing wise but it is still a different matter when you are actually doing it :smile: Still, it was fun setting up the pool and meeting helpful, like minded individuals across the Cardano Community. Looking forward to exciting times ahead!

Pool details below:

Ticker: WISH

Current Stake: 733,000 ADA (as of this writing)

Pledge: 10K ADA

Fixed fee: 340 ADA

Variable fee: 1.9%


Links: Adapools [WISH] Wish Pool | Cardano Staking

Pooltool: Cardano PoolTool - The most comprehensive staking statistics for Cardano on the web.

Contact: Twitter @blockchainlens / Telegram @BCLens and Discord @BCLens[WISH]

Pool ID: pool1fk7lk6x7j6jkxuvl0het8nmunra4g7370mw29f286dv9ylegutq (4dbdfb68de96a563719f7df2b3cf7c98fb547a3e7edca2a547d35852)

Location: Singapore

Infrastructure: Running on servers physically housed in a data center with 24/7 physical security, scalable capacity and high speed networks in very safe Singapore.

Operator experience: Worked in enterprise class server administration from mid-range to Windows, Unix and Linux. My experience helps me to create processes and scripts that help with maintaining the stake pool. Currently, these are customised for my environment but I eventually plan to convert them for general use by the Cardano community. I’ve kept my testnet servers up to help everyone and so far managed to mint more than 600 blocks to prove everything is working.

Why should users delegate to your pool?

Because we are here to help them out each step of the way and we have a history of giving back to the community. Having met a lot of people who do not understand cryptocurrencies, I made some materials to summarise concepts about Cardano and it’s competitors, and also the process of buying, storing and staking ADA. These are available at my website YouTube videos and other educational materials are also in the pipeline.

Does your pool have any social responsibility plans?

From a social responsibility perspective, we pledge at least 10% of our profit to educational charities. We believe that the solution to poverty is to give students access to quality education. This will eventually help them lift their families out of poverty. I understand that anyone can say this but as you can see from our blog Eliminating Poverty Through Education, we have a history of helping charities since 2014, long before our stake pool was setup.


Thanks for reading and we look forward to meeting you all online!

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