Introducing : Best ADA Pool


We would like to announce our Cardano Staking Pool

Ticker / pledge / fixed fee / variable fee : 1BEST / [1 ₳ / 2.5% + 340 ₳
Contact: hello@bestadapool
PoolID : pool1vygvrczrlzapm25qf8w3cxz4gxv2azrp43xj6538tt225jjfcpw
Location : USA

Pool infrastructure: GCP and Dedicated Dell hardware (2x) / Ubuntu 20.04
Pool redundancy : Available CGP . All nodes are properly secured and sufficiently redundant.
Operator experience: Combined we have over 25+ years of SecOps and Crypto experience


We are Crypto professionals with over 25 years of combined experience. We believe Cardano to be one of the most beneficial projects for developers, and we want to help by running a Cardano Staking pool that is both stable and rewarding. We are the developers behind the popular non-custodial crypto wallet Coin Wallet

You did not specify why one should stake to you. Your variable fee is certainly not the lowest. The current stake is quite low so even if you DO mint a block (which is tending to 0) a lot of it will be lost to the fixed fee of 340 ADA. 1ADA pledge is not something that’s assuring. If you have done something within the cardano ecosystem, you should specify it so people are willing to donate to your pool. Otherwise, small pools these days run a variety of offers to attract delegators.

1 ADA pledge??? :face_with_spiral_eyes: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

That’s what they’ve written yo

It should say 10k pledge its changed on next Epoc. Thanks for catching that.

Thanks for asking what we do for the Cardano ecosystem, we have provide a ADA wallet service for free at Coin.Space.

I looked at your website, looks like a multi cryptocurrency wallet, pretty cool. Will check it out when I get more time.