Introducing Ada Point Pool [APP🧰]

About [APP🧰]

About author. My nick is Gwearon. I am a computer programmer with about two decades of programming experience. I have a Msc degree in computer science. My interests are functional programming, smart contracts and math.

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Name Ada Point Pool
Pool ID 1cb5d0e006c33ace982a527d4140bc086f99f7d35c27c5ab29600a74
Variable fee 2%
Fixed fee 340
Pledge 10k ADA
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Telegram Gwearon

We are available for any feedback or questions on the above social channels.

Pool Infrastructure [APP🧰]

VPS servers in Germany and Finland

2 x 8 vCores AMD Epyc (2nd Gen), 8GB, NVMe SSD, backups, 10 Gbit
2 x 3 vCores AMD Epyc (2nd Gen), 4GB, NVMe SSD, backups, 10 Gbit

We have risk management recovery procedures. That is why we maintain a spare VPS provider and one physical computer ready to spin up if there are any problems with the current VPS provider.

Why should users choose to stake with our pool [APP🧰]?

  • Trusted ITN operator with a proven track record

    • Produced 3,000+ blocks
    • Distributed 2,500,000+ ADA to our users
    • Had consistent low fee of 2%
    • Users delegated 6 billion+ ADA to our pool
  • Experienced software developers running various Cardano projects

  • Transparent: We share everything in our social channels and are always reachable. You can check or ITN history on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Community oriented: Funds that we make go to various Cardano personal and community related projects. We are always glad to help people that reach out to us on various channels. In the future we also plan to contribute to Emurgo’s Yoroi web wallet (if the funds will allow it).

  • Low fee: Our fee is only 2% and enables us running the above projects.


I hope your pool has been doing well

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Thank you. Doing really good for now. We have 20 million ADA delegated.

Congratulations! I don’t know if you have any intention of donating a share of pool fees to charity, but if you are please check out my site:!

What a nice gesture. Personally I do but for now the pool fees are in a range to pay our server costs. When ADA goes up in price we will definitely add this to our pool community vote. Thx for the info.

I understand and wish you and your pool the best of luck!