Introducing ATM Stake Pool 1 [ATM1]

ATM Stake Pool 1 [ATM1]
Hi to everybody and thanks for reading. My name is Josh and I own ATM Stake Pool 1 [ATM1], a London-based pool.

I am proud to say we are the only stake pool dedicated to increasing adoption by using profits to buy and install Cardano ATMs. So delegating with us is a contribution to the Cardano community and is the first step to make ADA available to all. We want people to buy ADA with cash/card or vice versa from anywhere in the world, with whatever currency they choose and we hope you share our vision too.

We run on cloud-based servers using Ubuntu 20.04LTS. Our block-producing node and all relays are on duel core 10GB RAM, Solid State Drive (persistent disk). We carefully monitor our P2P connections so all relays are well connected. We have servers based across Europe, Asia and America.

Why pay 5%?
If you want to maximise your profits to get those few extra ADA per epoch, we are probably not the pool for you (plenty of 1% pools about); however, if you are willing to sacrifice a tiny percentage of your rewards to a project to benefit the whole community, then delegate to ATM1.

We calculated that with 2 fully saturated pools, we can buy and install a Cardano ATM every 1 or two months (depending on location). We want our delegators to have voting rights as to where our ATMs should be located.

Be an early adopter to something you can be proud of. When you’re children are using a Cardano ATMs in your local shop, you can say “you’re welcome”.

The Details;
Pool Name: ATM Stake Pool 1
Ticker: ATM1
Pool Pledge: 100,000 ADA
Fixed Fee: 340 ADA
Pool Margin: 5%
Pool ID: 411926ea7159cff212e269e5c021e99880ab3bfb98d086d5c8ba4e3f

How to contact us or find out more;
Twitter: @AtmPools
Telephone: 020 8004 5877

We offer more ways to contact us than any pool out there, if you have any questions at all or just to chat about the project or Cardano in general, come join us!

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I better change this, not my mission at all any more.

Does anyone read these?

I’m not sure whether you can still edit or delete the OP, there might be a time limit, but click on the three dot symbol to check (pencil to edit or bin to delete, if available).

But if the pool’s gone I wouldn’t worry.

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The pool most certainly hasn’t gone, the mission has changed.

Still taking delegators