Introducing AmberPool [AMBER] - we are better then your current pool :)

:star2: Welcome to Amber Pool! :star2:

Greetings Cardano community, my name is Schmidko and I am the co-founder of AmberPool. We are the new kids on the block and are thrilled to introduce AmberPool, your go-to destination for reliable and secure staking services on the Cardano network. As a two-man team of passionate software developers and server admins, we firmly believe in the potential of decentralized systems, and we’re dedicated to providing top-notch services to our delegators.

:bookmark:Pool Info

Ticker: AMBER
Variable Fee: 0%
Pledge: 50.00k ADA
Fixed Fee: 170 ADA
Current Stake 2.500000 ADA

Pool ID: pool1vtdw9ec95lw0nj8uk0sgf6ahy7qk2tfjz2faegea7wyl63ejtqp
Hash: 62dae2e705a7dcf9c8fcb3e084ebb72781652d321293dca33df389fd

:globe_with_meridians: Website and Social Media:


:computer: Infrastructure:
Our servers are housed in cutting-edge data centers in Usa and Germany. To ensure uninterrupted service, we have two relay server to seamlessly take over in case of hardware or software issues. We added more security by utilizing a Ledger hardware wallet to safeguard our rewards and pledge.

:star2: Why AmberPool:
We are the cheapest. We have a 50k pledge. We have 2.5 Million stake after 4 month uptime.
To show our appreciation, we’ve crafted an exclusive Early Delegator Program that rewards our early supporters with awesome NFT’s. More information coming soon.
With our robust infrastructure, seasoned technical expertise, and unwavering commitment to the Cardano, Amber Pool stands as an excellent choice for any delegator.

:pray: Thank you for considering Amber Pool as your Cardano stake pool. Should you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our website or Twitter. We eagerly anticipate your support!

The latest version of cardano-node is up and running smoothly. (8.9.1) :cowboy_hat_face: