Hello, we are 🔱 ADABros [ABRO] Stake Pool


We are ADABros [ABRO] Stake Pool and we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our pool and the operators. ADABros is operated by two software engineers with more than 13 years of combined commercial experience. We are friendly, ethical and most importantly competent stake pool operators. We will put all of our expertise to run a world class staking experience for all of our delegators. Everyone is welcome and if you are new, join our telegram group and we’d be glad to help you with any queries.

Pledge: 45k (we will be increasing this to 50k as soon as Binance allows withdrawals)
Pool Margin: 5%
Cost Per Epoch: 340 (Minimum)
Website: www.ADABros.com
Telegram: https://t.me/ADABros
Location: United Kingdom, London

Our stake pool runs in the cloud powered by 4 CPU Cores, 8 GB RAM, 160 GB NVMe Storage and 1 Gbps Low Latency Network. Everything runs on latest 20.04 LTS release of Ubuntu Linux operating system with 99.99% uptime. To ensure smooth operation of our stake pool; our server is firewalled, monitored 24/7 and has DDoS protection against various attack vectors.

We have committed to 1 year operation, therefore all of our servers & services are paid for in advance with plans to renew annually based on how well our pool performs. We plan to initially take all of the stake pool rewards and put it back in as pledge to show our commitment to this operation.

Our plans for the stake pool rewards is to fund development of smart contracts on Plutus platform in the coming years for various project ideas we have. We are quite active in the community and you can see us in many of the the official Cardano Telegram groups answering questions and helping where we can.

We are inspired by the philosophy and goals of the Cardano project. We would love to do our part in helping in running decentralised Cardano blockchain for all.

Yes, we are a small pool, but we will work the hardest amongst all to make up the difference.

If you’ll permit us, we’re ADABros and we’d like to be your choice of stake pool.

We love building small tools and utilities for the community/project that we are involved in. Here’s our first;


A simple reward calculator for everyone to see how various fees (Treasury Percent, Cost per Epoch, Pool Margin) are applied.

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