Introducing ADAreactor [ARC]

Dear Community,

Welcome to ADAreactor!

This Stake Pool was created by an American – Ukrainian family. We support decentralization and many charities in both countries. As a family, we are strong believers of Cardano philosophy. Our goals: high-performance, decentralization, and minimal fees.

Our family has two IT specialists with more than 15 years of experience in programming and web development. Anthony is the guy from America, and Sergey is his brother-in-law from Ukraine.

We are truly decentralized Cardano Staking Pool! Help us to grow by delegating to us!

Our ticker - [ARC]

Fixed Fee - 340 β‚³

Variable Fee - 1%

Our pledge - 1.000k β‚³

Website -

Contact email -

Pool ID - 2fd4c1782db3cb6a97f910ca2c6f15914e2c45f75f1ca1cc168e319c

Chat group in Telegram -

Twitter -

Dedicated servers, AMD Ryzen 5 5600G, DDR4 16GB 3200MHz, SSD 250GB. Hosted in Ukraine, 1Gb up/down.

24/7 Monitoring| Dedicated Hardware| 99.9% Uptime

For more updates, please check our website and social media channels.

We would love to see you among our delegators :slight_smile: THANK YOU!


Well Done CARDANO! Keep Rising ADA :fire: :fire: :fire:

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We’ve got our first delegator :fire: :fire: :fire: So, cool!!!

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Number of Active Cardano Addresses Exceeds 162,000 with $100 Million in TVL!!!

Hi Anthony and Sergey. Hoping that all is well with you, and particularly, Sergeys family at the moment. :v:t3:

Hello. We are in Mariupol (Ukraine) now. It’s not easy here, but we are holding. Thank you for support!

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