Introducing [KRKN] Kraken Staking Pool

Hi All, what an exciting time. I am glad I came across the Cardano project a few weeks ago. I have been involved in the crypto scene for at least 5 years, primarily involved with Ethereum. I think Cardano has much greater potential and we get to work from the ground up. I look forward to playing as big of a part as I can in this growing community. My only regret is not coming across this project much earlier.

In terms of the pool’s goal, I would like to take at least half of the margin collected by the pool and give back to the community and I thought it would be neat to have delegators choose where to donate that money. The plan is to make a donation on behalf of Cardano every month (once the pool starts minting). I look forward to seeing you around the forum.

Pool Particulars
Ticker: KRKN
Pledge: 3k
Fixed cost: 340 ADA
Variable fee: 1%
Website : KrakenStaking
Pool ID: 02a0713356dde60c05d703f63c3eecf87a23d655ea1d133efed8b1a5


Welcome and best wishes KrakenStaking

You will be well served and be able to contribute in so many ways, if you’re not already aware check out Project Catalyst

There are so many ways with your skills you can really develop here and also gain funding to help grow Cardano and your own business

Good Luck :grinning:

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Cheers, thanks for the good wishes. I am hoping this will be a great learning experience. I registered a few days ago for Catalyst/FUND3 voting. This will be my first time so I’m excited to go through the process.

Welcome aboard! Let’s decentralize the Cardano!


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