Introducing StakeKing Pool - [1KNG]

Hello readers,

My name is Simon and I just launched 1KNG! I’ve been a Cardano enthusiast since 2017 and I even ran a pool during the ITN phase (using the ticker “KING1”). Long story short, that ticker was really hard to find in Daedalus, so we had to change it to 1KNG!

Pool Information:
Ticker: 1KNG
Pledge: 25k
Fixed Fee: 340 (default set by the network)
Variable Fee: 1% (this helps us pay for our servers)
Location: Toronto

Operator experience:
I’ve been a Software Engineer / devOps for the past 7 years. I love tech and tinkering with things. I manage a few VPS, so I’m pretty familiar with setting up systems. Our servers are located in Toronto (to help spread decentralization) and we currently have 2 Relay servers and 1 Block Producer node (aka: BP node). In the event our BP node crashes, we have another instance running which will take over, this way, we wont miss out on any rewards!

Why should users check out your pool?:
My main goal with this pool, is to help with decentralization. Looking at the available stake pools, you can see that a single entity owns 20+ pools (which are all close to being saturated). This can be dangerous as these nodes could potentially cause a Sybil attack (Here’s a thread about this discussion).
With your help, we can prevent this from happening. I urge you to delegate to small pools (not just mine) so that we can create a decentralized network.

Feel free to contact me at any time :slight_smile:
I look forward to having you stake in our pool. Cheers!

StakeKing (ticker 1KNG) has minted our first Block in just 2 epochs in the mainnet!!


Thank you to all delegators. We couldn’t do it without you.

To anyone looking for a new trusted pool, feel free to delegate it to us :slight_smile:


We broke yet another milestone! We now have a total of 200k ADA delegated to our pool!
This wouldn’t be possible without all of you delegators :slight_smile: We are super grateful for your support.

With every ADA delegated to our pool, you are helping secure the network, so please continue to do so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We hope to see more delegators in the future and break our next milestone of 300k ADA delegated!
See you soon!