[RKDN] Stakepool is up and running!

Greetings Cardano Community!

We’ve been watching and participating in the DeFi / Crypto space since we were all mining LTC on HD7950 / HD7970’s. ~2012 or so. Currently mining ETH Proof-of-Work here in the end days before they go Proof-of-Stake as well, and trading right into ADA to stake with.

I assume many of us here are already registered with pooltool and adapools, and have claimed our pools on those sites.

We would love to network with you! Our topology is pretty weak right now, just a few connections to our main relay node. If anyone would like to swap “buddy” connections on pooltool.io, please throw us a message on here, or on Telegram to arcadiancomp

We’re running our nodes on Arch Linux (which sure makes cobbling together a working Haskell environment an exciting nightmare compared to, say, Ubuntu or Debian), on dedicated UPS circuits, with mdadm SSD raid configs and plenty of RAM / CPU for hopefully the next few Mainnet upgrades at least. WAN connection is a dedicated 250mbit cable feed. Fiber as soon as we can get it.

I mention it just to say we’re serious about staying in this long term, and we’re willing to dedicate our resources to keep things stable.

Pool Link:

Any tips or ideas are very welcome, as we’re new to Staking and Cardano in general.

Thanks for reading!

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