New pool owner here :) ( :: STAKESIDE POOL :: )

I finally made it! :slight_smile: I’m so proud to be part of Cardano so I setup my own STAKESIDE POOL with a core node and one relay node for now. Website is not finished yet but will get there. There’s still a lot to be learned especially on the security and maintenance side of operation but thanks to Guild Operators’ CNTOOLS which made it all so easy for me.

So how do you guys attract delegators to your pool?

The million $ada question…lots of marketing, time, patience, frustration, tears, etc.

Congratulations :slight_smile: I delegated some ADA to your pool.

Maybe helps.


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Welcome to the grind bro. Your first and foremost job is to rake up followers on Twitter by blogging original content. Be prepared for disappointment.

You gotta be great in marketing.

One thing that would help small pools a lot is if the minimum fee was reduced from its current setting of 340 Ada.

With the minimum fee at 340 Ada a pool needs 10 million Ada total stake before the minimum fee becomes a relatively small percentage of delegator rewards. This makes it hard for a small pool to grow because it costs delegators a very high proportion of their rewards.

This 10 million Ada hurdle rate is too high.

See this post by IOHK’s @Colin_Edwards

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Thanks! I can’t believe I’d be getting my first delagator here. :slight_smile:

I reduced my margin percentage to just 1% so I hope that also helps. Yes indeed it’s gonna be a challenge to grow new pool.