New cardano pool, devops skills, whats next? What’s profits?

I’m a new one in cardano, but I like this project very much. I had some devops skills so I made my own staking pool, but I don’t registered it yet. I can pledge my pool with 1k A and pay the registration fee 500A, but I’m wondering if this is profitable ? I’m not a youtuber etc, to share my id pool with public.
Is it make any sense to operate my own pool, and pay for VPS (around 50-60$/m) ? What do You think is anyone delegate my pool with no advertising and marketing :slight_smile: ?

With 1k pledge and no delegate, it will be extremely difficult to make a profit. The problem is acquiring enough delegates to stake to your pool. If you can acquire enough delegate, you will be profitable. If you can’t acquire enough delegates, you will lose money. Profitability is on your ability to attract delegate. I don’t think a 1k pledge help you do that.

Do You think that delegating ADA to own pool is it a good idea to have more delegetors ?

Instead of delegating your own pool, it’s more valuable to increase your pledge instead.

What do You think, what pledge amount will be okey to have more delegetors ?
I know what is pledge about, but its not guarantee high uptime server, rewards from pool with 1k pledge will be the same as 10k pledge, am I right?

No amount of pledge guarantees you will get a lot of delegate. The higher your pledge, the more helpful it is. The lower your pledge, the less confident potential delegates will have in your pool. Attracting delegate is a marketing and promotion game.

I can also recommend watching this short introduction video about pledge available on the youtube channel of Cardano Foundation:

When there would not be any pledge required for setting up stake pools the whole cardano network would be easily vulnerable to sybil attacks.

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Im a new pool operator so I’m still learning how to swim… These are my observations over the past several weeks that seem to indicate for a pool to generate a block it normally has at least 1.5 million total ada (pledge, delegator ada, everything) delegated to it… And then it still only is generating 4 to 5 blocks per month (1 block per week). You can check for yourself at and who is making blocks and who is not based on total pledge amount. There are probably a few pools out there in the 300k to 500k total stake that are making blocks but they are the lucky ones. Please verify for yourself.

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