Hi brothers and sister i am new at cardano .i have queastions about starting a staking pool being a operator

1.how do i get delegators ? , does it go automatically?
2. how do i earn passive income , because to start a node is not cheap.
3. i hear charles talking allot about africa but the energy and internet is not 24/7
4. can i lose money?
5. thank you very much i hope someone could help me!

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  1. Delegators are not coming automatically, u will need to convinge them to delegate to ur pool; u need marketing to make ur pool known by others (this is the hard part )

  2. To get rewards ur pool needs to create blocks (u can check on pooltool.io or adapools.org to make an ideea how many blocks were created by pools with different active stake)

  3. U can use a vps (server hosted in cloud) if u have issues with internet speed or functionality)

  4. U can lose ur pledge if u don’t secure ur nodes and someone will hach you! Or u can lose money if u will not have enough ADA staked to ur pool (we will not create blocks and u will need to support the cost from ur pocket)

In conclusion u need to analyze first if u will have enough ADA stacked to create blocks , if u have a good marketing plan to attract new delegators, if u are ready to support the cost from ur pocket in case u will not create blocks and u will not have profit…
And the most important part, if u have the knowledge to manage/operate the pool when some actions will need to be taken