Create a node but I do not understand calculator rewards


I am interesting to run a CARDANO node.
But in the CARDANO calculator rewards, it doesn’t show a clear information.

I would like to put 1000 ADA to start.
What is the expected rewards earning?



With only 1000 ada… I don’t know if your node will produce any block… I will recomend you to delegate … you will receive ~ 5% per year

Sorry cause I need to tell you this, but you must know it from the begining…

I’m still looking for delegators since september and as u can see I found few people to support me

PS: but you will have more chances to produce blocks if you will find delegators to delegate to your pool


Hello Alex
Thanks for your quick answer.
I see you are from Romania. I am french and I am living in Slovakia. Not so far.
Nice website you have.
So it means you starts your own node with 45k ADA.
And you get 8 people since September.
So it means people choose the pool and not the network automatically.
What is the rewards you get from this 8 people? how many “fees”//rewards?


First yes, the delegators delegate manually to your pool, I wish to be done automatically by the network but it’s not
2nd -you will get rewards only if u will create blocks… to create a block/epoch I think there is necessary 2M ada as active stake… I created 2 blocks so far and for the moment I still running on small profit

rewards are divided to all delegators (%) according to how much each one delegated… my pledge (me) is considered a delegator…