PoS - any reward envisaged for delegates?


Hi All,
please inform me whether participating in POS to help maintaine/create blockchain, is there any reward e.g. receiveing ADA on some frequency?

best regards!


Yes, putting simple you will receive ADA for running a full node (using Daedalus wallet and pools). You can have a estimation of earnings using this calculator: http://ada-calc.herokuapp.com/


cheers for the very quick respons! will use this occasion and would briefly asks re Daedalus wallet - is it working on the mainnet already?


I’m using it to store my ADA but it isn’t rewarding PoS yet. We must wait for Cardano Reward Era: https://www.reddit.com/r/cardano/comments/7b3iv5/is_there_a_date_for_reward_era/


cheers for the link. Is there any other materials to read about delegates as was searching for it but havent come across. I would like to know more precisely how it will work, is it going be like RISE with voting for other delegates and what delegates themselves will get for having certain amount of voters beneath or it will be just keeping the blockchain up and running (like server) and just having some balance of ADA as only priciple to reward bonuses?


Take a look here: https://cardanodocs.com/technical/delegation/
I can’t understand it very well but maybe it has the answers you need. :slight_smile:


somehow i have missed it! thanks, exactly what i was after :slight_smile: