Rewards column showing earned ADA per Epoch in Wallets

Small Favour to ask of the wallet team people :pray:t2:

I’m trying to keep on top of my rewards and checking to see that the pools i’m delegated to are functioning ok.

What would really help is if we had an extra column showing rewards distributed/given on this epoch as well as the cumulative rewards score in my Daedalus wallet.

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Apologies if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it


I second this.

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I suppose that’s a feedback already with the team, and is currently blocked by API availability - meanwhile (seperate to feature request, but to allow you to get details), you can use AdaStatBot to get notification of rewards, or use pooltool to track rewards against your addresses for past epochs.

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Yup… I agree… especially when we eventually can make multiple pool delegations. Tracking would be imperative In order to make informed delegation choices & adjustments. A necessary decentralizing tool.

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