What about rewards for processing transactions?

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Both node that you are operating is indeed part of the decentralized network now. And the algorithm indeed gives you rewards based on the amount of delegations you received from ADA holders.
So more stake you get, more rewards you will receive.
In the meantime you can create transactions with the operating pools just like you would do with a Daedalus wallet.

if you want to operate a web-server - that is fine, just download Apache,nginx, etc… but nobody will pay you just because the server is 24/7 available… you need to find someone who want you to host their homepages on your server…

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Really your node already submitted 100,000+ transactions? or just synced the blockchain which contains 100,000+ more transactions since you started your node? Without your node these transactions still possible to be submitted and stored in the network… your node did not do anything really… just it is kept in sync to able to submit transactions… or produce block if you have enough stake to do that…

You relay node did not transact a single TX. Your node was synchronized with the blockchain and the active nodes (the pools that received blocks) minted the transaction blocks. The network did not make use of any resource you made available, because no blocks were assigned to your pool, unfortunately.
So, sadly, no rewards were given, because no work has been done!
Before saying that Cardano PoS is “stupid” you should get better information, also considering that you are not a normal user, you are a stake pool operator, that should know how things work. If you think that just because you put up a server you should get paid, I’m sorry but you’ll be disappointed.

we are good to go now

Regarding Daedalus and Yoroi ranking I agree with you, now the only metric is the size of the pool. But I also believe that pools need to be strong and demonstrate they can be running for years and be the pillars or Cardano. I am a small pool operator, so I share most of your problems, but frankly I’ve seen many pools born without the minimum requirements. Most pools have almost zero pledge, on the technical chats you see questions made by SPO that clearly show that they have no experience at all in running a Linux server. This is will hurt the system and the SPOs that put real effort into it.
I’m sorry if you decide to quit.