Amount of Stake Pools

Hey all - I’ve been working on spinning up a staking pool server to help out with Cardano’s decentralization, and I had a curious question. I noticed there’s 2000+ staking servers at the moment, and likely more will come in the future. I’m sure some will fall off… but my question is this: Is there a maximum number of staking servers that the network can accommodate? What about the maximum number of saturated staking servers? I seem to recall reading somewhere that 500 was the max saturated staking pool number.

Just looking towards the future and what the network and barrier to entry might look like 2-3 years down the road.
Does anybody foresee them raising the deposit amount? (I do understand that as ADA goes up the $ amount will increase, but I already hold my required 500)

The “K Parameter” is supposed to change this month, which will mean a maximum of 32M ADA staked per pool. As for the other questions, we will be able to vote for which parameters we would prefer, etc in the future :slight_smile:

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My only concern is that the bigger pools will spin up side pools and keep all their delegators. They will have time to plan for this. Not sure how the project fixes this “problem”

R&D to use a n-root curve instead of the current linear a0 pledge benefit factor in the rewards equation is being investigated and will greatly improve small pool participation.

Interesting, just read up on that. Not sure if it took with the developers or not but any continual push for a change can only be a good thing, especially if prices stay elevated. Gone are the days when acquiring 1m Ada to pledge was “easy”