Blockchain / Cardano Noob

Hey all, I’m supremely new to blockchain and investing in crypto. I’ve been reading around and came across something called ‘stake-pools’. It sounds like an interesting thing to be apart of. I only have around 800 Ada right now but I’m planning to purchase more weekly and store it in my Yoroi wallet. Can anyone tell me what are the requirements to join a stake pool generally?

Welcome to the forum.

Right now we’re in a test-phase… If you didn’t have ADA on the 29th of November, you can not participate at the moment, because the balance snapshot for the testnet was taken on that day. Once the test phase ends and Shelly is released to the mainnet, you’ll be able to stake your ADA on the mainnet from within your wallet.


Hi Roddaman,

You can stake freely if you have more than 1 ADA.

Staking will be possible when the mainnet launches.

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Awesome sauce. Thanks for the reply.

Gotcha. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to joining the party.

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Any idea when main net goes up? Late 2020?

Q1 2020 was the plan! But you know how it could go with plans :slight_smile: