When Is Solo Staking Worthwhile

With staking going live next year, how many ADA does someone need to make it more rewarding to run their own pool? Prices are quite good right now and I am sure a lot of people are stocking up. Thanks a lot for any and all feedback.

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Great question. I don’t think anyone has a real answer yet as they are still tweaking the incentives. They are structuring incentives to have around 1000 stake pools. Also they are also incentivising pool operators to put down as large a stake as possible to prevent Sybil attacks. BTW when I say incentivising I mean you get more rewards. With that said the more Ada you hold the better off you will be obviously.


I guess you could make the assumption that the top ~1000 addresses would run a pool, so you’d want to have more than at least the 1000th address to be competitive. At the moment that’s 3,190,592 ADA.
But there would be other factors to consider like operational costs that would be different for everyone.

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I’ve been thinking along those lines as well. Obviously hard to say how many of those top 1000 would be interested in starting a pool. Also hard to say how many are lurking out there with multiple wallet addresses that total more than 3,190,592.

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I should also add that I believe I heard Charles say during one of his recent AMAs that at some point pool operators may also get a beneficial multiplier for having a good reputation in the community. This would also presumably be a way to weed out bad actors and give people who hold less Ada a chance.

Thank you for the responses so far. Interesting times!