Is it possible to join your stake pool with a group of stake pools?

Is this possible? I see groups, but wondering exactly what they are.

I’m up for joining one of those.
I’m running a stake pool and set a few others up as well, total ADA we got is around 300,000 across 4 stake pools.
It seems pledging a paltry 100,000 ADA means you may get a block with the rewards to process every 5-8 epocs.(depending on where you read it.)
When I started Im sure iohk said 10,000 ADA would bring in 340 ADA every epoc plus a % of the rewards.
Now it seems I’m loosing 100 ADA every epoc by not staking on someone else’s pool while earning nothing on mine,
Whales with !,000,000,00,0,0,0,0,0…etc ADA are getting all the blocks to mint, while a poxy 100,000 ADA gets nothing. What about the little guy with 1000-2000 to stake,.
Where’s the decentralisation in that Charles?

Cant us “little” guys form a pool like they do with BTC mining so we all get a share and the system really become a decentralised ecosystem?

We’re all trying to believe in you Charles, but its difficult when you are seeing your money and effort dripping away.
Maybe there is something already set up, but the hieroglyphics used in the documentation makes it impossible to find.
I’m a lead systems analyst with 25 years in the business, and even I’m finding this a painful process.


just drop K parameter to the point where its max 2 mil cardano per server, that makes 20,000 pools instead of 2,000

the groups you are seeing are just multiple nodes ran by the same “organization” or “guild” whatever you want to call them. It would be an interesting concept if smaller pools could group together from a staking/minting perspective. at least until assets are spread to more pools. something i have been thinking about recently.

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I would be up for this, but I’m not sure what the point of joining pools together would be - surely at that point you might as well point your delegators to one pool that you agree to run together (probably not a good idea, but you see what I mean)?

And you will probably have like 5000 of them operated by Binance with 2 ADA pledge on each of them.

Decentralisation would be the point wouldn’t it? Might make some of the marginally viable pools hang in there rather than just let the delegators congregate on the bigger pools that just keep adding new pools to their stable.