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Hi Cardano Fam,

I have questions about staking,

Is it smart to divide your ada in different staking pools or stake everything in one single pool?

Example, let’s say that you have 30,000 ADA in your wallet.

Is it smart to stake/delegate 10,000 ADA in 3 different staking pools or keep 30,000 in one pool?

It would be fun to hear from other community members, I would love to hear from all of you!

I’d also be very interested to hear any unbiased opinions on which staking pools people are thinking about joining and why.

Excellent question, I wonder a lot about this

I believe it’s smarter to split in different staking pool
Main reason is if somehow something go wrong with a pool still have the rest and you could re delegate, if you have it all in one stacking pool if this fails, you get no rewards

But to be 100% we nee some data to be able to calculate this! Mathematics is beautiful as it allows to do so! And as we don’t have a lot of variable ( incentives, inflation, treasury tax … ) and how many stacking pools, the stake that they have etc, so it make it difficult to calculate the right way to do this

But I believe it’s smarter to split, now it will be simple to calculate what’s best once we know all th details

I plan in putting my Stake in my pool :grin:

I don’t think splitting is worth the effort unless you really have an incredible amount of ADA. You have to check the performance of the pool anyway and if you split then you check several pools instead of one.

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Hello @ishleh,
That’ s not how staking works. When you choose to delegate your coins to a pool, your ADA don’t move from your wallet. They are just “frozen”. Instead, it will automatically give you a delegation certificate that will provide you some delegation rights, proportional to the amount of ADA you want to stake, and that the pool will be able to use.
So in case of a technical problem with a given pool, my immediate guess is that your certificate is cancelled and your ADA simply are unfrozen, and you can choose to delegate them to another pool.
I am not sure I was clear, so maybe diving into the delegation section of this link will help you better understand it.

Hi @CosmosX

If I understand well it work in the way that I described ( more or less )
No, your coin are never locked in any matter
Yes, each wallet has 1 certificate, but I was talking about different wallets address!!!

No the same Wallet to different pools…

The main purpose of what I said is not having all your stake in a pool that is not performing well in that moment, the other stakes that you may have still delegated and you have a fail just in the pool that had problem

And I m talking about probabilities
Let’s say you 1000 pool and you have 1000 ADA
You delegate all to one pool, you don’t have that much odds! But even if your stake is splited in smaller amounts, you may have a chance as you would delegate to many stake pool

Also if I remember well I said we need more info to do some maths to have it right, at this moment is just suppositions!
And, the is very important

your ADA are NEVER! Locked, frozen…

Yes totally right! Splitting if you have a big stake! I agree … for now need real values to calculate more accurately

There will not be a correct answer until we have all the details

Check this out:

I used the word “frozen” only to describe the fact that you can’t sell an ADA if it is delegated. It’s literally impossible to have your coins sent to an exchange to be sold AND delegated at the same time, isn’t it? There’s got to be a line drawn somewhere in the protocol and that was my point.

IMO, yes it is. Just think of it as the diversity is the key.

  • Pool 1 /w 3% reward, 10K ADA
  • Pool 2 /w 3% reward, 10K ADA
  • Pool 3 /w 3% reward, 10K ADA

See these examples:
If a pool misses generating blocks or be off for some other reason, you only lost your 1/3 of your rewards at the next epoch.
Or, if the pool rewards will be shrank by 0.5% as an example, due to the too many delegations to that pool, your rewards will be ~2.83% instead of 2.5% in the case when you put all yours ada in that popular pool.

I assume, that you delegate your stakes to some public pools.

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No my friend, your coins are never Locked in anyway

If exist the case that you have delegated to a pool and you moved some coins, the rewards would count until it reaches the end of the current epoch and then those coins would be in the ownership of another wallet for the next epoch!!

If i remember well it works that way ( of course very simplified )

@CosmosX your coin are NOT locked! NEVER!

Yes! Exactly