Confused with staking!

hey hello guys, i see sooo many pools wich one i must take to stake with???
must i take only the green ones?? is it wise to put all coins in one or take few pools and put some chips in it spread your coins??
take the top order pools like top 20???
how you guys did this???
thank u
ada no 1

Hey @Salem

There is a good guide from the Cardano Foundation :

Check this one out and if you still have some questions, ask them here :slight_smile:


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thanks mr fabian will check it
take care

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Hello, I am pretty sure that I staked 100% of my ADA in a pool but how do I verify this. When I click the pool that I am staking it does not show the amount that I am staking. Is there a way to find out ?
Thanks in advance for your help.

What wallet do you use?

Thanks for your reply.
I am on the Daedalus wallet and have chosen one of the staking pools on there

You should see it in your delegation center in Daedalus.

Yes, I see that it is delegated to a certain pool but I cannot confirm the amount of my ADA that is in there. Is there a way to see this? Thanks

You cant delegate only a part of your funds. If you delegated, your wallet and every ada on it is delegated. This also means every new ada you send to your wallet is automaticly delegated. This also inc. incoming rewards.


OK Excellent…thank you Fabian!