The stake questions everyone asks

Hi and yes I will soon be staking but as some know I need the good advices. OK the 1st question ty. My Daed shows the wallet and when I go to staking section it also shows the ledger and amount (not connected) so i am now ready to pick a pool yes ? The slider is 1k, why ? For amounts, I bring now 1k ada for example so I set it at 1k ? Or I have 250000million I wish but want to delegat 1k, this will do the process or stake all ?

Lastly, I saw it says a you can make a more wallets so have 5k in 4 pools for example yes ? This helps small pools too yes and tyvm. Also do I need to register email and things to adapools or which tools to use for beginner ? I run daed 404 new one. Ty All everyone

Hi News_25

If you are using a ledger hardware device it might be easier to use for delegating to multiple pools. That way you do not have to create extra wallets. No signup or anything; just login with your ledger.

If you want to know more have a look at: AdaLite Staking Guide

The multi delegation is not in the guide but it speaks for itself as soon as you are on the staking page. Just be sure to pick the pools yourself instead of going for the ones that are already filled out.

Ty for the links I will have study now ty

I have decided on just one as I am noob so less things less problems. But still learn the problem. I am at the stake pools with daed full node but unsure of choice and maybe to wait after all the great changes ty all

The good news is you do not have to wait. You can pick one now and if you change your mind later simply switch to another stake pool. It only costs you a small transaction fee.

This page might solve a lot of your questions: Staking

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You cannot choose to delegate only a part of your wallet, yet. All the wallet is delegated to a pool.
If you want to delegate to more pools you need to create several wallets.
For other questions you can read my staking guide here.

Happy staking!

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Ty for info

Ry alsobi will look b4 deciding ty

There is an option in Daedalus to create multiple wallets, it takes some time but is free and makes multidelegation very easy. i do the same thing with my pool STAYK, i have one wallet for the pool, one for stake, one for the F2LB alliance etc.

ADAlite automatically stakes for you, in the spirit of decentralisation and controlling your own assets i advise Daedalus or Yoroi and stake tot he pools you feel support what you like!

good luck!

Bas @ Stayk Pool