When adding more ADA to my wallet. Does that add to my existing staking amount?

I’m already staking ADA from my wallet in Daedalus.

Today I put more ADA in that wallet. So I was wondering, I’m I staking automatically for the new total amount of ADA? If not, what do I need to do?

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Yes, it does.

happy staking.



Got it. Thanks for your help @Johann_ADAholycs :+1:t3:

Damn son, turns out i just paid 0.17 ADA fornothing by removing and restaking ^^

well, at least it wasnt an expensive lesson ^^

This is a good question (and subsequent answer) which deserves to be put onto an FAQ somewhere so people have easy access to the answer.

Also worth mentioning that the rewards that you make from staking will be automatically staked with the same pool ! So, you pick a stake pool and what ever you have in that wallet will be staked with that pool… you don’t have to worry about re-staking. It’s like giving a vote of confidence to someone and the weight of a vote changes according to how much you have in your wallet

All the best

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