Can you keep increasing your stake in a pool

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I have have 3 separate Yoroi wallets, each delegated to a different pool (I figured why not spread the love and not put all my ADA eggs into one basket).

My question is: How to I go about increasing my stake in any of the pools I’ve already delegated to?
If I put more ADA in the specific wallet, does it automatically get delegated to the pool (increase/build on what I already have staked)?

My first time staking so i’m just wondering how that works/how to go about it?

Thanks in advance and All the Best!
Long Live Cardano;-)

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The answer is yes… stake amount will increase/decrease automatically.



Thanks soo much! Appreciate it!

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Hi. Yes, your whole wallet is delegated and if you add ada to your wallet that is also delegated without having to do anything. Every 5 days, on the epoch boundary, there is a stake snapshot that records the amount of stake in your wallet. If you have added or taken ada away from your wallet the stake snapshot will record the new amount on the epoch boundary and this amount is your active stake for the epoch after the one that is about to start.

Your staking rewards are also automatically staked even if you haven’t claimed them. You may find this information useful:

It’s great that you have a few wallets set up and delegated to different stake pools as this helps the decentralisation of Cardano. For anyone else thinking of delegating to multiple stake pool there are a couple of ways of doing this and you may find this link helpful:

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