Balance of the amount of ADA i sent to a new staking pool on Yoroi


I delegated my ADA to a new staking pool, but i cant see the amount i transferred. Where on Yoroi webpage can i check the amount of ADA i transferred to the new staking pool.


As said in the previous thread: You do not transfer any ADA when staking!

It is always your whole wallet/account that is staked.

Yoroi displays the amount you are currently delegating right at the upper left of your summary:


Seems like the term funds delegation was the top most mistakenly chosen term in the Cardano ecosystem :slight_smile: I guess 99% of people who never heard of Cardano at first assume the funds get transferred or locked.

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To be more specific: A delegation transaction just records on the blockchain: β€œI want everything on this stake key to be delegated to this pool.”

Every five days on an epoch boundary a snapshot is taken, registering everything on that stake key to that pool – your wallet balance, unwithdrawn rewards, in some cases – Indigo – also funds in DeFi that allows you to keep them staked to your own stake key.

This snapshot is then used to determine block production of the chosen pool in the epoch from the fifth to the tenth day after the snapshot. Rewards for all blocks produced by that pool are calculated after the end of the epoch and distributed on the epoch boundary five days after.

So, it takes 15 days from the snapshot to the rewards distribution. That’s why it took 15 to 20 days (depending on when in the epoch you did it) before you first got rewards. And it will take the same 15 to 20 days for every change – choosing a new stake pool, putting more funds in your wallet, but also removing funds from your wallet – to be reflected in arriving rewards.

But this all happens automatically. If you put additional funds in your wallet, the rewards will be higher 15 to 20 days – four epoch boundaries – later. If you remove funds, they will go down four epoch boundaries later without any specific action, without explicitly transferring funds to or from staking.


Did you try clearing cache ?