Yoroi Wallet + Staking + Adding New ADA

Hi all,

Could not find an answer when Googling this and searching the forums/reddit.

I have my Yoroi wallet setup and I have been staking ADA for 4 epochs now. No issues.

I recently decided to purchase more ADA from an exchange and transferred it into my Yoroi wallet. Yoroi dashboard now says the old amount (staked) and the new amount (transferred in) is already delegated. Does that mean the new amount that was transferred in is automatically staked? If so, will the rewards change accordingly?

What happens if I transfer out some of that amount? Will the rewards change as well? Sorry, maybe I am not understanding the staking function on Cardano well enough.


Yes, but if you add (ore remove) coins from the wallet in epoch N, the change in balance will only effect staking for epoch N + 2 and you will not get the rewards for epoch N + 2 until the start of epoch N + 4.

Ok, that makes sense. So the rewards projected at the bottom of the dashboard in Yoroi will update over time based on the new balance delegated in the wallet but that projection won’t update until N + 2/4.