Do you have to keep your Daedalus wallet open while staking?

I was just wondering whether I should keep my Daedalus wallet open on my PC while my ADA coins are being staked in a pool.

Also, I recently bought more ADA from Binance and had transferred them over to my ADA wallet. Not sure if these newly transferred coins are automatically placed in the same pool? I wasn’t sure so I delegated into a new pool but they did not allow me to choose the amount of ADA, it just delegated all of my ADA into that pool.

New coins are automatically added to the stake and u can close the Daedalus, u can even delete the wallet (but first be sure u have bkp the seed words)

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Thanks! How am I then able to delegate to more than one pool if my ADA automatically gets added to the same stake?

For the moment multidelegation (1wallet to multipools) not available, but it will be in the future; now u must create another wallet (bkp the seed word) move funds to the new wallet and then delegate to which pool u want