Understanding Stake Pool Metrics

I would like to learn more about the metrics shown on the Daedalus wallet when you pick a Stake Pool.
A link or a source would be great so I understand the following categories;

Pool Margin
Cost per epoch
Produced blocks
Potential rewards.

The question mark icon next to each category is not sufficient information. I am looking for more in depth details.

Thank you.

You will find most of the infos here : Cardano Community Support FAQ

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Thank you very much sir. Like always, your input if very much appreciated.

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Thanks for the information in this thread.

I am new to staking in Yoroi. I have doubts about the staking deposit, which is aparently 2 ADA for each staking pool. However, I don’t understand if this deposit is also staked or just retained. Is it returned after a fixed period staking in the pool? Or is it returned after the delegator leaves the pool?

Are there other fees or other aspects to considerate before staking in order not to have surprises?

Thank you very much!



This is not correct. The 2 ADA is only for registering your staking key which you have to do when you delegate the first time. Every new delegation to a new pool needs a simple transaction which costs around 0,17 ADA.

As soon as you delete the staking key again you get those 2 ADA back.

The cool thing about Cardano is you cant loose any ADA when you delegate to a pool. Worst thing would be a pool which doesnt work properly and then you wouldnt receive any rewards but you dont loose your own funds.


Thank you very much for your answer, Fabian.

If possible, I would like to draw on your expertise a bit more to clarify this point: this 2 ADA to register the staking key also contribute to the staking? Or are jus placer “on hold” until I decide to pull my ADA out of the stake pool?

Thank you very much!


To be fair im not 100% sure about this but id say those 2 ADA arent delegated as they arent shown in your balance anymore.

Thanks again. I am asking these questions because I don’t owe many ADA, so I am tryint to undersand how long it would take me to regain the 0.17ADA fee if I stake my coins minus the 2ADA deposit. I will keep on doing research!

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