Understanding a stake transaction

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can someone please help me to understand a staking transaction?

If i look at this transaction:

There is 282.534747 ADA input and 280.36049 ADA output but only 0.174257 ADA as fee.
Where did the 2 ADA go?

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Haven’t checked the math but there’s a 2 ADA refundable registration fee.

For what is that registration fee? For staking to a pool? And what means refundable?
Could you please explain that a bit more?

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For delegation, yes, and you get it back if/when delegation ends (in most cases it will be reused when you change delegation to a different pool).


Thanks for your help RobJF.
With your hint i found that post and now i understand:

In fact its 2 ADA what iam missing in that transaction and thats the KeyDeposit. Didnt got the math right in the first post.

Thanks a lot!

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