Ada balance changed after delegation


New to Cardano/Ada, bought some yesterday and staked it.unfortunately since then balance changed by 2.174433. The decimal number is apparently a fee from delegating but not sure where the 2 Ada went.

My transaction history shows my initial deposit from exchange followed by an intrawallet transfer of 0 Ada with a fee of 0.174433 which I can only imagine is the delegation.

Can someone shed some light?


Hey @adagobrrr

You are correct with your assumption about those 0,17 ADA which are the cost for a transaction.

The rest of your 2,17 missing balance → 2 ADA is a deposit you have to “pay” if you delegate your wallet.

As soon as you remove your staking key and withdraw all your rewards, you will get those ada back to your wallet.


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Thank you Fabian. Makes sense.

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