Less ADA reflecting on cardanoscan transaction details

I recently delegated 1050 ADA from NAMI wallet. While 2.17 ADA was deducted at the time of staking but I see that another 5 ADA is less in the cardanoscan transaction details

It should show 1048 ADA but instead showing 1043 ADA in the Cardanoscan. Iam new to this, any idea why is there a discrepancy?

Without seeing the transaction, it’s hard to tell.

If you feel comfotable with it, you can share a link to Cardanoscan.

Wild guess would be that the ADA are not all in one address/UTxO due to earlier transactions. The transactions are not done with all the ADA in the wallet, but just with enough ADA from one of the addresses.

You can also register the staking for a thousand ADA wallet with a transaction that just moves 5 ADA from your wallet to your wallet. All that is important is the metadata in that transaction.