Delegation History shows strange Amount

Hello there,
consider i have 1,183 ADA staked to some pool. I decided to delegate the whole amount to another pool. I did.
Checking the delegation History shows me that my delegation amount is only 34 ADA in the specific slot.

Whats behind that? Will not the whole amount delegated immediately but step by step considering that 20 days period to get rewards?

Thank you very much for your explanation.

You are always delegating all Ada to the same stake pool – the “Controlled Total Stake” shown by Cardanoscan.

The 34 ADA shown in the transaction are not the amount to be staked, but the amount in one of your addresses that was used to register your delegation.

The delegation registration is a transaction on the chain. Such transactions always have to move some Ada from one address to another (or the same). In this case, your wallet application has chosen an address (addr1q9y86rykw0jdt0esf8g2y7y9dnp7hyp7tpwf4ez86jfzs4luw7nfzwm79hj9va6tek7nl5k2h4nu8urfvvc4wj0j5d2qq7u7ld) with 35 Ada from your wallet and the transaction moved back 34.826139 Ada (35 Ada minus transaction fee) back into another address (addr1q99d7ydtzcpzxypfvz754ytvyawfzl7xy805lv9praxp5thuw7nfzwm79hj9va6tek7nl5k2h4nu8urfvvc4wj0j5d2qxdu6ms) also in your wallet.

The total amount in your wallet has just changed by the transaction fee and the total amount is staked to the new stake pool as it was staked to the old one.

Additionally here you can confirm your total stake is 1183 ADA:

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Thanks for great explanation it totally make sense now :slight_smile: