Updated pledge is not met


just updated the pledge of my pool with a re-registration but none of the pool explorer sites detect the updated amount on the owners address:

On adapools - there is a fresh delegator (me) in the delegator list with the previous amount which was 44.3K. but the actual should be 102.5K.

In Yoroi the balance of the owner address shows the 102.5K but there is a warning at delegation section:
“Your wallet has 102.5K ADA with a different delegation preference. We recommend to make a transaction to delegate the ADA”

I made a new delegation certificate during the re-registration:
cardano-cli stake-address delegation-certificate --stake-verification-key-file stake.vkey --cold-verification-key-file cold.vkey --out-file delegation.cert
And that was used during building the transaction.

So how can I get this info from command line that what is the delegated amount - by checking the ledger-state.json? Also which steps I missed during the update then?
Or need to wait for the next epoch? I dont think so…
Any help would be really appreciated!

I checked and ur pool wallet has only around 43k balance


Also u need to solve ASAP, not wait till next epoch


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Thanks Alex for the quick reply!
Where can I see this address - little bit newbie question - but I really can not find it:)

On adapols to rewards or on pooltool.io - owner address

Ok, thanks!
Also this is interesting tab:

It shows addresses but with 0 ADA on them - and I guess that those should not be 0…
maybe this is messing up with my ITN rewards - when I redeemed it to this wallet. That amount never showed up when making cardano-cli query utxo --address but only in Yoroi. And now when I transferred more ADA to this address somehow it is masked with the ITN reward…
Probably I have to make a new wallet for the real ADAs (separating the ITN rewards) and register it as a new owner…

but before I doing this first I will set back the original amount, just to have a correct pledge for the new epoch.
Thanks Alex!

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So, turned out that the pledge address was actually an enterprise address and because of that it can not be used as a stake/pledge address…
more info about the address types:

our pool went live but it is showing pledge is not met. We checked our payment.addr. it was only the pool registration fees that was subtraction from the total ADA .I would
like to add our pledge again. Do we would be paying 500 ADA for registration fee?


Nope, u already paid the 500 ADA for registration, from now on u will pay only the transactions fee