Payment.addr UTXO out showing 0 ADA

so use one of the internal addresses or receiving address and check the balance with cardano-cli query utxo --address <your address here> --mainnet

So, I’ve first send 1 ADA to the payment.addr which showed up, then I sent 40 ADA but they didn’t show up…


Where? So you missing 40 ADA? but you said that in Yoroi everything looks ok…

Yeah, had to send it again. Messed up something on the first try. Now I have 40 ADA in my “payment.addr”, but this address is linked to the Yoroi wallet as I used the mnemonic method, so I’m wondering right, the ADA doesn’t get subtracted from the Yoroi wallet, so why do I still have to send it? It has just shown the balance of the wallet a couple of months ago, don’t know what happened. That’s why I’m making this post :frowning:

So you want to change the pledge amount of your node - so could you query the balance of the address by cardano-cli query utxo --address <your address here> --mainnet

Yep, showed 0 ADA before I sent anything to the address even though I used the mnemonic method…

so - you sent 40 ADA to payment.addr from Yoroi? and the balance the same but now 40 ADA is shown under payment.addr?

Because… when u are using this option it will import the first (oldest) address from yoroi

You know, in yoroi the funds are distributed on more addresses

You will need to seend the funds to the oldest address from yoroi, in order to be seen in cntools… read carefully when u imported the wallet

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Oh, alright. This message didn’t appear in my case. So the solution is to send the funds from Yoroi to the first address on Yoroi?

So, me prompting the address and it not showing the balance was caused by me spending ADA through my Yoroi wallet instead of directly with the address?

Exactly, if u are importing the wallet from mnemonic, u should not perform any transactions from yoroi… maybe it is better to create another wallet on yoroi for pledge (bkp the 15 seed words) and use it only for pledge, otherwise each time when u will perform transactions from yoroi u will need to import it again in cntools via mnemonic option

The problem was solved quite early in the thread :sweat_smile::

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Yeah, I just didn’t understand the whole concept. The screenshot from Alex helped me understand the mnemonic method fully. Eitherway, thank you both for helping me!

Oh, alright. If the yoroi wallet receives funds, do I have to reimport? By the way I used this method: Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew, which doesn’t involve “importing”, just creating the payment.addr with the mnemonic phrase.

Thanks @Alexd1985 and @Psychomb for these informations… now I know why I could not update my pledge either… (will update the topic)

Because the new fund placed in enterprise address… not in base address.
I really need to read the documentation about Cardano and would find useful infos, like this:

@niki_niki_airmax - so a wallet recovered by mnemonic phrase can have several base (receiving) addresses - but cntools can handle only 1 - the first one, or the oldest one. but using cardano-cli you can check all the funds of each base addresses. And you can transfer ADAs between addresses corresponding to the same wallet. And as @Psychomb suggested the 40 ADA was not transferred to the oldest address initially - so you had to do it manually to able to query it.
is that right? Hope I am not messing this up:)

Yeah! Thanks, didn’t know this either, but still the only thing I don’t know is, if I send funds to Yoroi will I mess up my payment.addr?

so I try again:) @Psychomb said, that if you send ADAs from YOROI then the new balance will be placed on a new address - which is not the payment.addr, instead we can say payment2.addr. In that case you need to move the current balance back to payment.addr from payment2.addr to able to use it as pledge when providing the pledge address during the pool re-registration.

but if you sending ADAs to your Yoroi wallet your fine till you use payment.addr as receiving address in the transaction.

so conclusion - at least for me - avoid using YOROI to send out ADAs from the wallet associated with the pool pledge address.
hope this is correct…

it is only an issue when you want to pay the tx fee using the original address. Note that the pledge will be fulfilled, whether funds live in address1 or address2, it does not matter … both have the same stake.addr behind so it is all good.

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Ahh, yes correct. Thx