Adapools Error? Pledge Commited to 0: ADA

I was checking on adapools this morning and saw a exclamation that my Pledge had “Committed change to 0 ADA” I checked and saw no transactions but nonetheless I completely freaked out. My pledge had not moved from the pool wallet but I still descended into full heart racing panic mode and moved all funds and reached out to delegates to do the same.

After this I was racking my brain to ask myself how on earth someone was able to do this. Then while in post-mortem mode I checked cardanoscan after reaching out to everyones most helpful member of the community. There was no record on cardanoscan of my pool certificate being updated.

And now some questions which I think may be helpful:
Where does adapools pull this information from? Is this a bug?
In the event of an actual security breach what can/should you do and who can you contact?
Is there a checklist of a way to approach these situations?

I have submitted a support ticket with iohk but have not heard back yet.

I think last days re-synced it’s database and this can be the reason… you should not worry and you can check on or next time when u have doubts

“Transaction part is resyncing (99.97%), some data should be delayed / temporary unavailable. We are working on fix”

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