Please help me! missing pledge?

Last night, I made a pool. The ticker is JASM.
But I realized something was wrong in my pool.
I don’t know exactly why “missing pledge” is indicated for my pool in dashboard.

This is my stake address status,

And I checked my payment address as the below.

This is the transaction of pool registration using my payment addr.

It seems like normal because there is 500ADA.
But it is deposit~ What is the difference between deposit and balance.

What is the problem?
Anyone~ Please let me know how to solve this problem~

  1. Try to retire my pool and rebuild it?
  2. Make some transactions for moving 500ADA somehow?

Thank you for reading~

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You pledged 500 ADA but the wallet has 6,5 ADA only

The 500 ADA paid for pool registration were removed from the balance (you will receive them back when you will retire the pool)
To fix the issue you will need to send 494 ADA to the wallet

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Oh! Thank you for your quick answer!
Do you mean I have to send additional ADAs to my payment address?

Exactly :slight_smile:

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Alexd! Thank you for your reply.
And now my pool is fine! It takes time.
I owe you~ Thank you so much~