shows missing pledge and pooltool showing pledge met


As topic mentions i wonder why is not showing my pledge met.

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probably adapools has a delay… check on and

Thanks your the best

Hey. I’m having the same issue. However I’m not sure if it’s just a delay or something I broke. Here’s my story (ticker is CTLAN):

  1. I created the pool following the CoinCashew guide with an initial pledge of 3660 ADA, because I thought the pool cost (340) was going to be deducted from my balance
  2. Then I realized the pool cost wasn’t deducted so I updated the pool pledge to 4k
  3. After updating the pledge, I wanted to claim the pool in pooltool with a new account, which asked for a verification transaction. But I didn’t know that the UTXO change was sent to a different address, so I saw the warning sigh of missing pledge in adapools and figured out the issue
  4. I then transferred back the funds to the original address but since then adapools didn’t change back the warning sign of missing pledge. However pooltool shows pledge is met.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

@Zyroxa please also check @Joy25

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If the wallet was imported via seed words then u should send all funds (4000k) to the pool address (before check if the pool addres it’s the first/oldest address from yoroi/daedalus)

Thanks for your reply. However that’s what I did as I described on step 4. And after doing that, I can see the UTXO balance correctly for the payment address (and pooltool sees it too), but adapools doesn’t. It could be a delay on their side but if you see the address transaction history, it’s been a few days already.

                           TxHash                                 TxIx        Amount
7a93e9c678954a2793c4577443e9cf4259e9359f3323fa941b5cc3a31e51a7a6     0        4003655017 lovelace + TxOutDatumHashNone

If u go in cntools → wallet → show … it’s showing registered and delegated?

:thinking: The CoinCashew guide doesn’t tell you to install CNTools, so I had to install it separately and copied the cntools.* files to my actual $NODE_HOME folder.

When I run it, and go to Wallet → show, it says there’s no wallets available. But it doesn’t say which files are required either.


No wallets available!
WARN: No wallets available for selection! Required files:

press any key to proceed ..

Hmm, then u must check the path for the wallets file (I think inside the or maybe cntools use the path from env file?… and u must update the path

Its the same pointer issue I believe the stakers are having…. The rewards point back at each other and then your account is empty.