Declared Pledge Not Met in PoolTool

[AQRS] Aquarius Staking

Hi all. Let me introduce myself. My name is Rhonda Starr and I am a SPO of Aquarius Staking. First off, thank you to CoinCashew and all of the awesome contributors to all of the helpful documentation in assisting new pool operators in getting up and running. So much appreciation for all that you do!

We got our pool up and running last night BUT, when I go to Pooltool, it shows that my Declared Pledge Not Met. Everything looks good in AdaPools and everything looks good on Daedalus. I received no errors during the process. Has anyone else run across this Declared Pledge Not Met discrepancy before? Thank you in advance and have a stellar day!

hi! wait till next epoch.

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Thank you for the fast response! That’s what I was thinking. Then I checked a couple of pools that were also just created within hours of ours, and their pledge did not have the same Declared Pledge Not Met. They showed green on their pledge and live stake matched pledge amount.

ok - I had similar issue, but hope someone else has better knowledge on pooltool behavior

Okay. Thank you for your input. Hopefully it’s non issue.

Did you stake or pledge your funds to your stake pool? I ask because you have suspiciously similar amounts for stake (i.e. like you ‘staked’ it from Daedalus wallet) as you do pledge (which you do during registration).

Hi, and thanks for chiming in. We followed the CoinCashew guide and when generating the payment and stake keys in step 10, we used the Mnemonic Method and created a wallet via Daedalus and then used cardano-wallet to extract the keys. And then funded: payment.addr - So other than the initial wallet creation in Daedalus, we did not do anything else outside of the CoinCashew guide. (i.e.: we didn’t delegate from within Daedalus) So… :woman_shrugging:

I had the same problem and I used the same mnemonic method. It turned out the payment.addr produced by this method (or that I did something wrong) did not contain the stake key in it, therefore it wasn’t the one that Cardano used for getting the pledge.
So, I imported this wallet into my Yoroi wallet using the 15 words, and then I looked up the address that started the same as the payment.addr but had more numbers at the end. I transfered all the Ada to this address, and then Adapools and Pooltool recognised the pledge.

Thank you for the response. So, when you experienced your issue was it only PoolTool that alerted you to an issue, or did you see an issue on AdaPools and Daedalus as well?

It was on both

Thank you all for your responses. Hopefully this thread helps someone else troubleshoot potential issues. After downloading both the PoolTool and AdaPools mobile apps, we found that our pledge is just fine in the PoolTool app. Not sure if this is just a discrepancy on the web vs mobile but, it appears that our pledge is fine according to the app. Nothing like a day long heart attack trying to figure out what might have gone wrong! For now, we will wait for the next epoch and see if the Declared Pledge Not Met goes away. Again, thank you all for the responses. Have a stellar day!

LOL I can’t imagine “move 150k → see 0” oh shit moment. Glad it’s fine.

Yeah, there was a moment (full day) of “Um, what did we do wrong”, scouring every forum and site for information! Very happy it is a non issue! :slight_smile:

Hello, i am reopening this threads since i encounter the same issue.
i followed the tutorial here in order to register my stake pool:

and in both PoolTool and AdaPool my stake pool appear not MET

It s been 4 days since i registered and a new epoch just start :frowning:
Does any one got an idea?

I can see the transaction into the block chain:


you declared 500 pledge but your wallet has only 3 ADA


You need to have in your pool wallet more that 500 ADA (500 for pledge and few ada for transactions fees)


Thanks for you answer, yes indeed, after submit the transaction, 500ADA “disappear”.
I though it was ok, so you are telling me that i must send again 500 ADA to my payment.addr ?
so in total i sent 1kA onto my pool?

Perhaps your first 500 ADA “disappeared” because the tax for pool registration is 500 ADA? No worry you will receive them back when you will retire the pool in the same wallet address


Perhaps your first 500 ADA “disappeared” because the tax for pool registration is 500 ADA?

Yes totally, and i though this was the pledge, but in fact i now understand its the registration “cost”.
And the pledge is the ADA that i got onto my payment.addr right?

The pledge is the ADA amount declared by you when you registered the pool; ADA which should be in your wallet… Now if u declared 500 ADA you should have at least 500 ADA in your wallet… if you will want to decrease it, you will need to send again a new registration (without paying again the registration tax);

anyway… to solve this issue just send another 500 ADA to your wallet.


Yes i did it a few minutes ago, thanks a lot.

Lets wait and see :slight_smile: