Live Stake not registering?

Hello all,

I made a pool with 250k pledge. Yesterday, all seemed fine. The active stake was 250.5k and had a green check mark in the pledge column. However, due to a small transaction (had to edit some metadata) I dipped below 250k.

Now, after changing the metadata and used (registered) pledge wallet, the live stake on says “0.0 active stake” and the pledge column has a red cross.

I can’t seem to get the live stake up and the pledge checked green again. In the Delegators tab on pooltool I do see that I am delegating from the right wallet with the right amount.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Help is much appreciated!

Hi - your pledge amount should match the value what you provided during the pool registration:
So since your amount is less now because of the new transaction you have to adjust that value or transfer the missing amount to pledge address to match the registered value.

Hello, the amount I am delegating is now more than 250k. However, the pool is still showing active stake as 0 and pledge as not met.

Hi Ideal,

are you using Daedalus wallet?

Then I can help.


Which pool is this? can you please provide the pool id?

His pool ticker is ideal.
pool id: 829d0b5055e3d2ae4f69260e4cf9f4eb6eee918f7657fb2ab0ebb649

Check this out: 829d0b5055e3d2ae4f69260e4cf9f4eb6eee918f7657fb2ab0ebb649 | Cardano Staking
maybe it helps you to debug.


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and what is the payment.addr - to check the amount, thx
note that might these changes will have affect only in the next epoch on

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Thanks for sharing the pool Johann. Apologies for the late response laplasz, I coudn’t post a response as this new account was limited to 15 posts in 24 hours.

I modified the pool, checked the metadata.json that I uploaded to Github once more, send the funds once more to the right address, made sure that the wallet has enough ADA, and restarted all nodes. However, still no luck.


  • The pledge shows on adapools, but not on pooltool. I am kind of at a loss here :smiley:
  • I think I am still doing something wrong with the metadata. The rest seems to work just fine.

if you would have problems with metadata pooltool would show an error about that. I remember that I had similar issue with pledge validation on pooltool - just wait another epoch…

how did you fix the “red cross” problem at pooltool ?
Thanks for sharing your experience

so @Bees_Project on adapools the pedge is fine

if you provided the pledge in the epoch, just wait for the next one to get a green on