Pledge and live stake amount issue (not shown correctly) - TestNet

First of all thanks in advance for the support and the amazing community , I’m a newbie to the stake pool operating topic and was trying to test some pools on the testnet, I created 2 pools with the ticker KTUT and KTUT9.
Currently I’m facing the following issues and would appreciate some help :slight_smile:

  1. KTUT:
  • The payment account delegated to this one contains around 2K , after 500 ADA for the pool deposit it has around 1.5K , I set the pledge to 500 ADA . after submitting the pool I checked in pooltool and found that the pledge is met (correct) , but the live stake is still 0 , although it should show the balance in the payment account and then after 2 epochs it shall be shown in the active stake.
  1. KTUT9:
  • The payment account delegated to this one contains 1K only , after the deposits it will be 500ADA , I created the pool with pledge amount of 1K and for my surprise it was shown in pooltool as pledge met !!
  • The pool is only shown in pooltool but not shown in
  • I tried to change the pledge amount to different values for the sake of testing and the new value is not shown at all , the pool is still stuck on the original values (delegate , cost , fees) , although I can change the metadata correctly and it shows up immediately .
  • The same issue of 0ADA live stake .

Thanks a lot in advance for all your support .

Hi There!

The rest of the fund wont be staked from pledge address. The fund can be used only for pledge. So put all the available fund as pledge and you will get the reward as it would have been staked…

Pooltool only shows the current pledge after next epoch. Probably that is why you see the original value still.

Thanks @laplasz for the help , but this doesn’t explain how for KTUT9 it shows that pledge is met although I didn’t put the needed amount in the address !!
Also when I changed KTUT9 pledge amount it is not showing the new value , instead it is still showing the old pledge , fees , cost amounts .

Yeah pooltool is a good tool but right now you testing pooltool features and not your node… if pooltool shows correct amount that those not mean that you have the amount…