How to use Live stake to meet pool pledge

Could you review Eucalyptus [EULP] stake pool please where we got 30K pool pledge and 30K live stake, in last epoch made the delegation to the payment address as a result pool pledge dropped I think, now I wonder how should I revert and meet pool pledge again using the live stake? What transaction should I do?


the pledge is fine

also on pooltool u can see the green mark

PS: each time when u add funds to a wallet it will take 2 epochs for the funds to go to active delegated funds

for example, if someone will delegate to you this epockh, you will see that amount as live stake, after 2 epochs you should see as active stake

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Cexplorer shows pledge not met could you review on below link? wonder anything wrong here?

you can ignore cexplorer for the moment, the pledge will be active after 2 epochs … but the pledge is met anyway

Hello there.

Your pledge is OK !

Your stake will be active in epoch 388 :slight_smile:

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Okay Eucalyptus pool EULP is not visible in delegation list on Yoroi wallet to delegate anything wrong here?

is not visible on yoroi but it is on eternl wallet. probably just a matter of time. be patience and check later… I see no problems with the relays.