Withdrawing pledge

Hi guys
I’m trying to setup a staking pool and i have some questions about it.
how we can withdraw pledge to external wallet (YOROI Wallet) when we need it?
I’ve searched and there are some solutions that talks about retirement -that the pledge will return when you retire the pool-and some other solutions about withdrawing rewards.
I just wanted to know is there any other guide to withdrawing pledge or not?
In fact, i need to know where it will transfer and how?
The second question is about managing the payment address in staking pool. Does it have any panel or management service that i can access to it if something happen to the pool ( same as IP change or server crash)?
Thanks for guiding me, i appreciate. <3

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Your registration fee of 500 ADA will be returned if you retire the pool. The pledge is always yours. You can increase/decrease your pledge by sending ADA to/from your pledge wallet. Do not forget to update your pool settings if you reduce your pledge amount. Pools don’t get any rewards, if the pledge is not met.

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The pledge should be withdraw after 2 epochs since was lowered otherwise the pool will not receive rewards

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dear alex
first of all thanks for your answer, but my problem still unsolved.
the main problem is how can i withdraw pledge from the pool. does the pledge comes back to my personal wallet(the wallet that i have delegated pledge to the pool from it) or the pool gives me a wallet with pass codes then i can withdraw to another wallet??


U should have a pool wallet with ur pledge inside… all unhave to do is to create a transaction and send the funds from pool wallet to yoroi wallet;

U can check on adapools.org the balance for the pool wallet (go to adapools.org - find ur pool and click on rewards)



PS: when u will retire the pool u will receive back the cost of pool registration (500ADA).

and where will it go if I retire the pool?

You will receive 500 ADA back (pool wallet) as a reward

Thank you, and pool wallet is accessible through command line, right ?
Sorry for asking, I am running a pool but didn’t claim ( and didn’t get ) any rewards :slight_smile:

Check the address on cardanoscan.io and u will see the infos about rewards (available/claimed) etc

Hi PoolG

I know this is an old thread, sorry :slight_smile:

When you say that the pledge is always yours, does this mean that if I de-register it will automatically be sent back along with the 500ADA ref fee?

if yes, where does it go?

Thank you

hi, i also want to know where it goes after retiring the pool… how can I get the pledge back

Not the pledge… after u will retire the pool, you will receive back the registration cost (500ADA) as a reward (stake address) to the pool wallet
You will need to withdraw the rewards in order to move/spend them

Registration fee != Pledge.

Pledge is always in your wallet.

Registation fee (500 ADA) is sent back to you when the pool is retired. :slight_smile:

So I tried to withdraw the Stake now all the day but getting every time an error. Is there a special way to withdraw the ada from staking pool after retiring ?
i am getting : transaction submit Error: Error while submitting tx: ShelleyTxValidationError ShelleyBasedEraMary

The node must be synced

Follow the steps from this guide (step 18.x)

You must withdraw the rewards !

Thank you for answering.
I already did, they went to payment.address
Reward Balance shows 0
I need to withdraw the payment.adress
Or is there a way to import the wallet in to yoroi / Deadalus ?

If it is a cli wallet u can’t import but u can send the funds to ur daedalus/yoroi wallet

Step :money_with_wings:
18.9 Send a simple transaction example

I tried about 10 times following this guide and at the end it always leads me to this:
transaction submit Error: Error while submitting tx: ShelleyTxValidationError ShelleyBasedEraMary

I tried with full amount, I tried with -10 ADA to be sure the fee is incl. but every time error :frowning:

Normally I am experienced Crypto Head since 2014 I am in business and something like that doesn’t bother me to ask for help but I am really stuck

Check here a list with all topics regarding your error


The only two results are shown are my posts :laughing: