Few questions about staking


I have just staked few of mine Cardano! I have few, probably simple question for you!

  1. I am using Yoroi, I have delegated about 100 ADA (just to look how it works), when the epock will finish do I have to do something?

  2. How to stop staking? Cause for example in 2 months I will decide to stop it?

  3. How to find out good pool to take a part?

Thanks for your help!
I wish you a good day :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard!

  1. No, your ADA will remain delegated till your next action.
  2. You can change the pool anytime, you don’t need to stop the delegation process; but if you will want to stop the delegation you must go to REWARDS - press WITHDRAW and deregister your address (you should know that you will still receive rewards for the next 2 epochs)
  3. There is no good pool, all pools return rewards; on long-term you will receive the same % reward (around 5%) doesn’t matter if you will delegate with a small or big pool. The only difference is that big pools create blocks more frequently and you will receive small rewards each epoch while small pools will create few blocks and you will receive big rewards but once at few epochs… any way… you should know that on long-term (1 year) no pool (big or small) can’t give you more than ~5-5,5%



Thanks for fast respond!

It helped me a lot. I am going to send more ADA, but in march. I think it is intresting project, so looking forward to develop together.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Got another question, because I have delegated my ADA, I want to transfer them to the exchange, but when I am using send and puting password - there is some error: Error received from server while sending transaction. What now?

Do u have a ledger or trezor wallet?
Try on adalite.io


True. Although there are some pools which you most likely don’t want to pick:

  • Saturated pools

  • 100 % Margin pools

  • Retired pools

  • Pools where the pledge is currently not met

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