Staking with cardano

Hi not sure this is the correct place but just brought a little cardano and want to help out by staking it , but everything I see is about scams don’t trust him , don’t trust her etc , it’s a minefield and although I want to help out and earn a little I definitely don’t want to loose what I have any thoughts ? Thanks

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There are various good options for folks like you. I’d naturally recommend an approach where you have a good return for your ADA (ROA) and at the same time “Make the world work better for all”.

In this light, you could have a look at ASTOR. It is a non-profit pool run by professionals. On top of what you get elsewhere (with pools of similar size), you could enjoy our monthly extra payments as documented here and here. Some other good options are here.

If you should need help with the technical details of delegating, we can do that too. For now, lets just say: Delegating does not involve sending ADA anywhere (that would be a scam).

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The process is simple.
Go to There under Individuals you’ll find links to 2 officially supported wallets. Install either from those links provided.
Withdraw ada from an exchange to your wallet.
In your wallet choose delegate and a pool of your choice. You will pay 2 ada deposit once and a transaction fee 0.17xx every time you skip to another pool (typically not needed)
By staking you do NOT send your ada anywhere! Anyone asking you to actually transfer ada is a scammer.
Stay safe.


Hi. Given the concern raised in your question about “losing what you have”. Please take note:
1 - NEVER send your ADA to ANYONE. The act of staking absolutely DOES NOT require you to send your ADA ANYWHERE. If in doubt, don’t do it.
2 - Use official wallets (Daedalus and Yoroi)
3 - There is a small cost to staking, i.e., fees to initiate the transaction. I believe currently at around 2.17 ADA (2 ADA is refundable if you ever “unstake” and 0.17 is the cost of the transaction). Again you personally don’t send this ANYWHERE. The wallets handle this transaction on your behalf when you confirm you want to stake.
4 - Finally, go back to point #1, your ADA is always safe when you’re staking. Your original investment is never touched. There’s a topic here “Cost of Staking” where I go into this in great detail and answer many questions.
5 - Chose the pool that you believe is right for you. Choosing the right pool never means you will lose your ADA. It could mean you could be making a bit more with the right choice though, or perhaps contributing to a cause, a pool with renewable energy etc…

Finally, as a pool operator, CPX, that has also just been selected by IOHK for the next cohort of delegation, we’d be happy to have you :slight_smile:


Ok thanks but
1 it’s in a Yoroi wallet
2. Yes they took 2 of my 13.5 Ada , just on a side point. If we are trying to bank the un banked they will not have hundreds of Ada to stake so it feels like the poor man suffers once again
3 staked my 11.5 Ada with zetic. Over 3 weeks ago
4 not one bit of extra Ada added
5 I have tried to contact them 4 times now but nothing back
6 I cannot even de stake my Ada and get my 11.5 Ada back
Help help help


Once you delegate the first time it needs 4 epochs (20 days) to earn rewards, if and only if the pool produced any block.

The 2ADA is a protocol deposit and you will get it back if you decide to pull your staking key.
(In the wallet click on Withdraw Rewards, note there are transaction fees associated, ~0.18ADA).

Your ADA never left your wallet. You had the 11.5ADA all the time in your wallet and you were free to do with it anything you want. The wallet software should display that.

But, 11.5ADA is so low that I am not sure you will be getting any rewards or it will be <1 ADA. I’m not sure how the protocol works, for the regular addresses you cannot send <1 ADA, I guess the staking address is able to receive <1 ADA for the rewards.

Anyway wait a bit longer, as as mentioned it takes 20 days to get rewards since you made a first delegation for that wallet.

Also note that rewards go to the rewards address until you manually withdraw them to your regular address (fees associated). In case you are using Yoroi it has some issues for the last week not being able to display rewards.

Do you know that’s great all I need is help and a response and you very kindly have done both
I normally speak to people and things can be explained
I understand the world is changing but I still need easy points to follow

Please verify that your wallet displays the expected amount of ADA which is 11.5.

Asking just to make sure you have not sent ADA to some scam instead of delegating it.

But again, with 11.5ADA the rewards could be like <0.01ADA per epoch.

There are 3 boxes
1 available funds
11.526000 Ada
2 total rewards
0.0000000 Ada
3 total delegated
11.526000 Ada

Stake pool delegated
( zetic ) zetetic stake pool

This is what is showing

To see the rewards hostory online you can do the following:

Figure out your staking address:
Open and search by one of the receiving addresses that you can find in your wallet. The staking address will be shown under Controlled Stake Key.

Show the history:
Open by replacing STAKE_KEY_HERE with your staking address obtained in the previous step.

You’ll get a view with the rewards history for your staking address.

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