Pledge return without retiring the pool? (lowering the pledge amount)

I’m a newbie to cardano pools,
I created my first pool sucessfully and pledged all my ADA I had when registering it. I know it was a mistake, because then I didn’t meet the pledged amount with my active stake. So I decided to lower my pledge expecting that I would get the difference between the original and new amount back to my wallet. This didn’t happen after a new epoch started.
My question is: Is there a way how to “only” lower the pledge and get the difference back or the only way is to retire the pool and create a new one to get the pledged amount back?

I think u are reffering to 500 ADA paid for pool registration right?

exactly :slight_smile:

Then submit a pool deregistration certificate and next epoch u will receive 500 ADA back as a reward inside the pool wallet

But it’s not very clear for me what u will want to do

That’s what I thought. Thank you for confirming me that.

Tell me more, why u want to retire it?

In fact I don’t want to retire it, just lower the pledge. Is the 500 ADA minimum for the pledge? I hope not.

aaa no, u can pledge from 0 to x, you don’t need to retire it to lower the pledge

But after I lower it the pledged coins are unavailable anyway, right?

What do u mean? The 500 ADA paid for registration? They are gone from your wallet and u will receive them only after u will retire the pool

yes, exactly these 500 ADA.

U can’t use them there are not in ur wallet anymore

that’s what I noticed :slight_smile: So if I retire the pool and create a new one with a smaller registration pledge it should be OK, right?

I think that I understand now. The 500 ADA is the registration fee and cannot be lowered. Am I right? So it has nothing to do with the pledge.

Exactly, the pledge has nothing to do… if u will retire and create another one u will be exactly in the same situation

500 ADA it’s fixed for pool registration

OK, now it is clear to me! Thank you for the explanation!

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You are welcome :beers:

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