Changing pledge after pool subsmission

I understand that pool operators have to mention their specific pledge once they register the pool.

I’m thinking in cases where pool operators might want to increase their own pledge in the future. It makes sense to me to start with a rather small pledge and then, once things have proven to work well, to increase the initial pledge.

Can pool operators change the initial pledge after the pool has been registered?


Of course u will can change the pledge in the future… u just need to send a new transaction with the new pledge;



unfortunately many do not know that decreasing the pledge may cause problems, if you withdraw the ADA from the payment address immediately. One should keep the ADA until the snapshot is done after 2 epochs.

Please correct me if I am wrong!
If you do not pay attention to this your delegates will not receive rewards, get angry and leave your pool.
I hope this information is still interesting even if you did not ask for it.



Good point!

docs-cardano-org/ at main · cardano-foundation/docs-cardano-org · GitHub.

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Hi Johann!

Do you know if there’s a similar problem when increasing the pledge?

I’ve sent the additional ada to my pledge wallet, do I need to wait 2 epochs for the new amount to be actively delegated before I can modify my pool pledge?

Or does the modified pool pledge become active in 2 epochs, the same time my pledged ada also becomes active?


Nope, increasing the pledge should not affect ur rewards! And yes, 2 epochs till will become active stack


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so yes, you should increase your pledge and transfer the ADA to the pool at the same time.

If you just increase the pledge but forget to transfer to the correct address. The pledge will be not met.


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Ok, thanks for setting my mind at ease.

The pooltool app is showing my pledge as not met (red x) but adapools is giving me a green tick and showing correctly. This is why I wanted to double check.

In my experience both pool sites went green from red once I loaded the appropriate funds to the pool’s address from other wallets. It took 30min or so to happen though.

The 2 epoch thing is being pointed out because if you already had a pool up and running and then increased the pledge/added ADA, that wouldn’t take effect in terms of rewards until 2 epochs later, just like delegating.

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This still confusing to me. I sent ada to my pool wallet address so I can increase my pledge amount. Do I need to do anything else?

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Yes, to register the new pledge

cntools - pool - modify and set the new pledge

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ok thanks Alex

Is it correct, each modification of pool in cntools will be charged approx 0,2 ADA?

Yes, each transaction will cost ~0,2 ( the transaction fee)

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Sorry I’m still not 100% sure. Lets say I have submitted 2’000 ADA pledge in the pool registration process and theres 2’000 ADA on my pledge address.

A) If Idecrease the pledge to 1’000 ADA, I should wait 2 epochs before removing 1’000 ADA from to my pledge address to prevent pledge being not met for a certain time, this I understood.

B) But if I instead increase pledge to 3’000 ADA, should I also wait 2 epochs after sending another 1’000 ADA to my pledge address, before re-registering the pool with 3’000 ADA pledge?


nope, first you will send the funds to the wallet and after increase the pledge to 3000 … (otherwise you will still receive pledge not met)

sorry for the misunderstanding

so there is no need to wait for 2 epochs passing between the funds are sent to the wallet and increasing the pledge / re-registration?

Is it only required to wait 2 epochs when decreasing the pledge, between re-registration with lower pledge and taking away the excess funds from wallet?

sorry for my uncertainty -_-

Exactly… 100% valid

Is this correct? good question I’m following it

hi! this thread was very educational for my pledging knowledge.

one question came to my mind:
on first registration (testnet) i had to calculate fee’s (170 000 lovelace) + Pooldeposit (500 000 000 lovelace) for the transaction.

if know i want to change the pledge amount with a another transaction - is it valid without calculated poolDeposit (500 ADA?)

Regards Patrick